Sports Injuries


Sports injuries can be new and acute or ongoing chronic problems. They are ideally treated as soon as possible and the hydrotherapy pool is the perfect place to do it!! We also know just how important it is to prevent future injuries, and this is a key part of your rehabilitation.

Our main aim is to support you back to your chosen sport by:manandwoman

  • Easing pain and swelling, allowing you to start exercising sooner after your injury
  • Improving movement and strength
  • Encouraging healing with improved circulation
  • Relaxing sore muscles
  • Maintaining your fitness - the buoyancy of the water reduces the weight through your joints allowing you to start exercising sooner


 "Hydrotherapy helped me get back to high level competition quickly following injury. Exercising in the pool also meant that I could maintain my fitness when my consultant would not let me work in the gym"

Chris- Bristol Academy Flyers Basketball (National Division 1)