Our hydrotherapy pool is the perfect environment to allowxray-1 rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery such as joint replacements. Water therapy can begin the day after surgery enabling you to get back on your feet quicker by:

  • Increasing joint movement and reducing pain and swelling
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Improving balance, confidence, fitness and the ability to perform daily activities

We have worked closely with many Consultant Surgeons in Bristol for more than six years. Through our daily work in the NHS, we are extremely experienced in rehab following orthopaedic surgery. Our close links with the Consultants means we will work closley with them throughout your rehab and can get you referred back for further investigation if required.

It may also be beneficial to start rehabilitation prior to a planned operation. The hydrotherapy pool can be used to maximise strength and improve movement and fitness before your operation.

How can hydrotherapy help you?

  • The water itself takes the weight of the limb, and reduces the load through the joint enabling you to start moving and exercising even if you're not allowed to put your foot to the floor!
  • The warmth and water pressure eases muscle spasm, swelling and pain.
  • The water allows us to work on general fitness, walking ability and balance immediately, thus enabling you to resume normal activities more quickly.
  • The water can be used to strengthen weak muscles before and after surgery.

Many patients, after having a course of hydrotherapy, may wish to continue exercising regularly in the pool providing they are confident and safe in water. Patients are welcome to attend our weekly exercise groups.

 "I sought support from Healthy Hydrotherapy when, five months after a full knee replacement, I was concerned that my rehabilitation progress was slow and I was no longer supported by hospital physiotherapy. Ali and Chris are both highly knowledgeable therapists. They provide excellent professional guidance and encouragement for all who attend their groups. The sessions are relaxed and good fun as well as highly productive. It's so much easier to do all the required exercises effectively in warm water as the buoyancy makes you feel very safe and able to challenge yourself. I really value the reassurance of the weekly evaluation of my progress and am thrilled with the great improvement in my mobility since I joined the group - I just wish I'd joined sooner!!" Pam (59) Horfield.


"Problems with pain and stiffness restricted my mobility for a number of years because of arthritis in my hips. Eventually hydrotherapy was the only form of exercise I could tolerate. Healthy Hydrotherapy coaxed me through a programme of exercises which enabled me to keep relatively fit, flexible and mobile in the period up to my hip replacement.  I’m sure this also contributed to my speedy recovery from the operation. I’m now back with Healthy Hydrotherapy whilst I pluck up the courage to have the other hip done!" Arthur