Back Pain


maninwater-1Back pain is common with up to 80% of us complaining of it at some point in our lives (Dillingham 1995). Hydrotherapy is one of a number of treatments used to help the signs and symptoms of back pain and neck pain.

It is really important to us to understand your symptoms and work out how we can help. We'll assess you and explain our findings. We'll then come up with a suitable programme of water based exercises focusing on what you want to achieve...from walking the dog to playing a sport. 

How can it help?

  • Movement is easier in water due to floatation.
  • The warm water eases muscle spasms, pain and helps you feel relaxed. This may help you sleep better. 
  • Water allows us to work on core stability, posture, strengthening and fitness within a supportive environment.
  • The hydrotherapy pool is an ideal environment for rehabilitating balance, stability and easing stiff joints.
  • Government research shows that regular exercise can help with back pain in the long term.